Child Custody

Seeking Child Custody Solutions For You And Your Children

We see child custody as the most important aspect of a divorce. Children are caught in the middle of most marriages ending. We understand this and can work to shelter them from adverse effects while pursuing the best custody arrangement. Serving clients throughout Prince George’s County, Charles County and Northern Virginia, the Law Office of Walter A. Herbert, Jr. handles all types of custody cases. As an experienced child custody attorney, Mr. Herbert will be by your side fighting for your most favorable outcome.

Handling A Range of Custody Issues

With decades of legal experience, we help clients in and around North Marlboro with a variety of child custody, visiting and parenting time issues, including:

  • Physical and legal custody
  • Primary and joint custody agreements
  • Parenting time scheduling
  • Visitation agreements
  • Long-distance custody
  • Grandparents visitation
  • Modification of custody orders
  • Relocation concerns
  • Paternity issues

We aim to protect your relationship with your children. As an experienced litigator and negotiator, child custody attorney Herbert will strive to resolve matters via negotiations, but if necessary, is prepared to fight for your rights in the court of law. As an experienced family law attorney, he can help you make informed decisions and strive for the most successful outcomes in your divorce.

Let Our Child Custody Lawyer Protect Your Parental Rights

We can represent you in any family legal issues with the focus always on you and your kids’ happiness. Call to request a personal appointment at our Maryland firm by phoning 301-627-8200 or inquire online via our intake email to discuss how we can help.